Monday, September 27, 2010

yo guys sorry i been absent for a while

so i've had a lot of stuff goin on so my blog to you guys hasn't been very top notch
and i'm sorry for that guys. but to help i'll tell you some good things to eat that will taste BOMB and get you pumped n stuff
so first off
black iced tea- 8 or so bags of lipton black in a large pitcher full of boiling water, just let it sit outside of the fridge till room temperature then chill it in the fridge. pour yourself a big glass of it and drink it plain. its the real way to drink tea. without any pussy sweeteners and stuff

next up
date and pecan energy mix
big handful of pecans in a food processor till nicely ground. throw in a spoon of cocoa powder push pulsee like twice. then throw in some water softened dates around 10. push pulse like a crazy person till you get like a kinda cookie dough, roll into balls or just eat it out of a bowl like me. ( i got this recipe from dr. Ben Kim, just google him, hes tight)
 now if you need a protein shake after a workout and you dont want to use any of that overpriced and gross tasting protein powder
one serving of greek yogurt, big splash of oj, another splash of something like acai juice or some citrus fruit cocktail, put that in a blender or just your shaker cup, shabam, great tasting shake that gets you like 30 or so grams of protein, follow it up with some of that energy mix stuff and there you go for protein
and last if you want something really manly forget your wimpy filet mignon
nuff said
thanks guys have a picture

great show btw