Tuesday, September 14, 2010


so i went to the reach launch party at my local gamestop. and i can't decide why i ever do. yeah i chill with my buddies and yeah we be MEN together but its like you go to bed anyway its not like you really stay up all night playing it cause you usually have stuff to do. one thing i did realize though, going to  a midnight release party for a video game, means a whole bunch o nerds which means if you aren't a super nerd you're gonna feel better about yourself. which is always good. i mean if you're a MAN like me you dont need it but a boost is a boost and its alll good

some other thing i was contemplating
consider this picture

a bunch of idiots dressed up in over sized  clothes who view violence as something that makes them bad ass and that gold "blang blang" will make them look rich and good
stupid right?

now consider this
yeah complete bad asses like this. they deal with violence but its all a part of the business. if its the cheapest and most lucrative they do it. if its cheaper not too why go to the trouble of ending another mans life.
legit gangsters like right here are MEN. those idiots up top are little wanna be men

AND REGARDLESS of your gangster opinion, seriously who thinks baggy pants and shirts look good? no one thats who. they make you look like a 13 who doesnt understand clothing size.
remember guise
keep it real, keep it manly, KEEP IT LIKE REV



  1. about first picture,yeas stupid kids i would say,daily luv here.

  2. Good post, i rather do workout then play video games. In a long term its just ruin your life :).

  3. Very true. Just another way to progress the Man!

  4. Gangsters have gone downhill :(

  5. Now Al there is a real mobster. We haven't had anyone as basass as him since.

  6. There are no REAL gangsters anymore...just wannabe boys.
    supporting daily :-)

  7. thats actually really smart. and only true nerds FULL overnight it. Unless your at a buddys house but even by like 3 you guys are like Im bored of this lets go to sleep. good post!
    and baggy clothes are retarded.. but what can you do..

  8. Nice article dude, anyway, returning some daily love :) ^^

  9. we need real gangsters not the hood noobs.

  10. true that, these kids arent even close to gangsters. they are bitches with guns acting hard.

  11. top=fags
    bottom=manly men
    true story

  12. all those in the top pic are very successful business men now who make boat loads of money LEGALLY (except for Easy E who passed away)

  13. I can't wait for tomorrow's update!

  14. what happened mate u didnt post and update long time.