Thursday, September 9, 2010

shaving and stuff

you know what i love more than the feeling of soreness after a good set of squats? a nice soft face fresh from shaving. i dont know what you guys are using but if you want to be a MAN you gotta pick up one of them old school shaving brushes, yeah the ones made outa horse hair or something. in a nice ceramic bowl with legit shaving soap. ten times better than shaving gel or cream. it doesn't gum up your razor like that gel crap from Gillette and it smells waay better than shavin cream. for the razor. i would recommend that new Gillette 5 blade safety razor or the schick hydro. that hydro number is pretty slick and gets down to the smooth goodness real easy.  same with the Gillette one. now if you wanna be a REAL MAN you would use a straight or cut throat razor. but remember guys. it does in this order
REAL MAN>MAN>man>dead man/brutalized face from improper razor usage man
so dont go fooling around with the old school sweeney todd razors until you know what you're doing aight bros?
also, you know the feeling of being so overwhelmingly tired you figure you should get some espresso or coffee? yeah same here, this morning i took the MAN road and got 6 shots of espresso over ice. because lets face it. yeah the heat is pretty manly but you can just down the hot espresso like a shot of vodka. the cold one, you gotta sip and taste every bit of it. and every single bit of it will taste like pure evil going through you. AND DAMN it is so worth it guys. just be careful. know your limits. its not alcohol but its more pathetic when a guy can't hold his caffiene
later bro's


  1. i hate shaving so much. it pisses me off. i just wanna rip every root of hair off my face and dump some acid on there or something so it doesnt grow back.
    but i have to say, i do quite like the taste of shaving foam

  2. fuck yes!
    your font hurts me.

    check out my twitter some time bro?
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  3. looks good so far! also yeah your font is annoying. still supportin though!

  4. bro, you are so legit!.
    fucking love coffee.
    and i use a Gillette fusion.
    its not 5 blades, but 4.
    the upside though is the 5th blade on the other side so i can do some precise shaving inbetween my smile lines.